Brownback: No New Taxes

Brownback.jpgYesterday, Sen. Sam Brownback signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  The pledge says that as President, Brownback would not neither raise marginal income tax rates nor reduce deductions and credits without matching the reduction with further tax cuts.  In doing so, Brownback has taken the latest step in showing that he is the best candidate to unify social and fiscal conservatives as he has done throughout his Senate career.  He continues to make it readily clear that a Brownback Presidency would mean that conservative would be able to spend the next four years fighting Democrats, not each other, and would not have to worry about things like Hariet Miers or having a President who changes his position based on what direction the wind is blowing.  Convenient conservative (is there a more appropriate way to put it) Mitt Romney also signed the pledge.

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    […] A long-time social conservative, Brownback is now positioning himself as a born-again supply-sider.  So does this make the Kansan “the best candidate to unify social and fiscal conservatives”?  Alan Keyes meets Jack Kemp? […]

  2. 21st majority Says:

    The only problem is that Brownback can’t win. It would be nice to have him as president, but he won’t make it. Romney is the best bet for conservatives to win. Romney will nominate judges that will interpret from the constitution only. He has been a great fighter against the over reaching judiciary in Massachusetts. And he as also signed the No New Taxes pledge. We must rally around Romney instead of waist our time with others who won’t win. Romney is the only conservative in the race who can win.

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