Bond and Hagel to Retire?

Rumor has it that Sen. Kit Bond will retire from the Senate to take a position at the University of Missouri.  According to the rumor, Gov. Blunt would then make a similar mistake to former Sen. Frank Murkowski, who appointed his daughter to fill his seat.  Blunt, however, would go one step further and appoint himself to fill the vacancy.  This would be politically disastrous, as it would likely be seen much as Murkowski´s move was seen.  That would not be the best way to restore faith in Republican governance.

There´s also talk that Sen. Chuck Hagel will call it quits at the end of his term, thus opening up a GOP seat.  Fortunately, the Democrat bench in Nebraska is fairly thin, so Republicans should be able to hold on.  Even so, this means that we´ll have to defend a seat that otherwise would have been safe.  On the bright side, Hagel is arguably more trouble than he´s worth, and just about any Republican in the state would make a more reliably conservative Senator.

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