Brownback Takes the Plunge

Sen. Sam Brownback today announced that he is forming an exploritory committee for a 2008 Presidential bid.  Unlike the other candidates, Sen. Brownback has consistently stood at the forefront of the values debate, taking on the gay rights movement and the abortion lobby.  He has supported conservative judicial nominees, as well as opposing those, like Hariet Miers, who clearly were not cut out for the position.  He has defined compassionate conservatism by leading the charge in Congress to end the genocide in Darfur, while also pointing out injustices at home, such as judges taking it upon themselves to ignore state and federal laws by ensuring the death of a disabled woman.  Sen. Sam Brownback has proven himself worthy of conservative support by siding with us on issue after issue.  Now it is time for us to side with him.  Please consider contributing to Sen. Sam Brownback’s Exploratory Commitee.

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