Some Lefty`s Will Stop At Nothing

Yesterday, another blogger, whom I will not dignify with a link from this site, made allegations about past sexual encounters of a United States Senator.  This goes far beyond any ethical limitations of this field or any other.  The blogger in question, while unethical, has also engaged in illegal activity, as he blackmailed this Senator by threatening to “out” him if he voted in favor of a cloture motion on now-Justice Samuel Alito┬┤s confirmation.

Many on the left are showing that their real interest is not privacy but rather a desire to eliminate values from society entirely.  All things to them must be permissible, unless, of course, they happen to fly in the face of their agenda.  So much for civility.

As far as the alleged behavior is concerned, Americans have a right to expect their politicians to live up to high moral standards.  Politicians, like anyone else, will sometimes fail to live up to these standards.  Illicit behavior is not permissible, but it is a reality both in and out of politics.  The great divide is that some attempt to live up to values while occassionally failing to do so while others set no standard in the first place.

Of course, not all the blame here should be placed on the left.  Here on the right, some have gone overboard in attacking gays as people rather than speaking about the moral problems with a homosexual lifestyle and agenda.  Those who support and oppose the homosexual agenda should be careful to distinguish between the person and their behavioral choices that he makes, as everyone on both sides of the debate makes plenty of mistakes of their own.  Some of them just don`t involve sex.  Hopefully in the future all engaging in the debate can make these distinctions, and distasteful “outings” like this will no longer be part of the debate.

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