Culture of Hypocracy

As Democrats accuse Sen.George Allenof not reporting stock options to the Senate, Senate MINORITY Leader Harry Reid has come into his own problems on his reports.  It must be rather enjoyable to take $1.1 million in a land deal for land that he did not actually own at the time. What might be considerably less enjoyable for the Minority Leader is seeing this take attention away from Sen. Allen´s problems, and, to a lesser degree, also distracting national attention from the Rep. Foley debacle.

Now that the deal is out in the open, the media has no choice but to report it, even moreso than the Allen deal.  This is especially damaging for Democrats because much of Sen. Allen´s state of Virginia is in the Washington, D.C. media market, meaning that the lead story will be Sen. Harry Reid, not George Allen.  With the race already turning back in Allen´s favor, what may have been Jim Webb´s last opportunity to take his shots at the incumbent has now fallen by the wayside.

Yet again, Democrats have dropped the ball.  With just about everything going their way in the wake of Hurricane Mark, they have just managed to fumble in the red zone.  As much as this pales in comparison to the bungling of the Mark Foley situation, it will also be fresher in the voters´ minds come the election and force them to once again think about issues, as corruption will once again seem a neutral playing field.  As much as Republicans have worried for a year, the Reid scandal will probably make this as much a status quo election as ever.  Yes, Republicans may lose seats, but this severely damages the prospects of a Democrat wave.

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