Sen. Tom Coburn, M.D., Needs Our Help

When Dr. Coburn spoke with President Bush after his election in 2004, the President said, “Tom, I´d really appreciate your help,” Coburn responded, “Mr. President, I´ll be glad to help you cut spending.”  During his time in the House, Tom Coburn proved himself to be a dependable, ethical, and ardent conservative.  Since his election to the Senate, he has only enhanced that reputation.  Now, he needs our help.

Sen. Coburn is setting up a leadership PAC called Truth, Accountability, and Courage Political Action Committee (TACPAC) to elect likeminded conservatives to the House and Senate.  Wouldn´t it be great to have more members of Congress who want to go home and tell their constituents not how much money they brought back to their district, but how much money they saved it?  How about not having to sweat over how members would vote on cultural issues?  Well, now we have that opportunity.

At present, TACPAC can only contribute a maximum of $2100 per candidate per election. That amount will go up to $5000 once the PAC has contributions from 50 individuals.  In this case, the amount you give is not important.  All he needs is contributions of any size from 50 individuals.

Even if it is only $5, please send a contribution to:


PO Box 977

Muskogee, OK 74402

The PAC is not yet capable of accepting online contributions, but expects to be in the near future.  Again, contributions of any size are much appreciated, but this leadership PAC is important, as all of its money will go to support unwavering conservatives.

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